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Street Legal Dealcoholized Craft Beer

Canada’s Best Tasting Dealcoholized Craft Beer.

Everyone has a reason to enjoy a dealcoholized craft beer. No matter which reason is your own reach for a Red Racer Street Legal.

Street Legal is traditionally brewed before having the alcohol removed in our state-of-the-art cross-flow filtration system.  This allows us to preserve the delicious flavour of our craft beer and produce a product with only 0.5% alcohol.

Red Racer’s Brewmaster Gary Lohin uses only the best ingredients in his beer and has dedicated his career to brewing the best beer possible. With Red Racer Street Legal you are still getting that dedication and passion imbued in the can without the alcohol.

Street Legal Dealcoholized IPA
Street Legal IPA

Dealcoholized Beer

Street Legal Dealcoholized Pale Ale
Street Legal Pale Ale

Dealcoholized Beer

Street Legal Dealcoholized Pilsner
Street Legal Pilsner

Dealcoholized Beer

Street Legal Dealcoholized Mango Wheat Ale
Street Legal Wheat Ale

Dealcoholized Beer

Street Legal Dealcoholized Nitro Stout
Street Legal Nitro Stout

Dealcoholized Beer

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