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Welcome to the home of great beer.

Central City Brewers & Distillers started as a Brewpub in 2003 at Central City in Surrey BC. You can still find the home of our first brewery at the original Central City Pub. Today, our main brewery and distillery operations operate just down the hill from the original location in a state-of-the-art, 65,000-square-foot brewing facility. Our new facility boasts some of the best equipment in BC Craft beer, which helps us deliver better, more consistent quality every day.

Our beers are proudly served from Victoria to Newfoundland, and come in a variety of beer styles. We offer core beers, seasonal and special releases, and are always cooking up something new.

Red Racer Craft Beer

Beer League Lager

Street Legal Dealcoholized Beer

We don’t just brew beer.

While we’re recognized as one of BC’s best breweries, a two-time winner of the Canadian Brewery of the Year Award, and the brewer of Canada’s most-awarded craft beer, Red Racer, we decided to enter the world of craft distilling in 2013 with a clear passion for quality, the same innovative spirit and expertise, as we have been built upon since 2003.